Math Eunoia


June 11, 2021

I have long been a fan of Christian Bok’s work Eunoia and I was inpired to write math-themed poems that are vowel-constrained. Technically, I shouldn’t be including the letter y, but I’ve allowed myself that creative license - it was hard enough as it was.


Math acts as a canvas,
Draws abstract art and stands back.
Talk arcs as far as an arctan can.
That’s a fact: sans daft “facts”
Math can adapt.


Hypernets deftly represent every extreme
Vertex, edge, set, hyperdegree…
They keep three-peer effects, seen by sets.
We tether the sphere by dense webs.
Meets end; delete edges.
Detect schemes between dependent types,
Lest we never see the energy between these essences.


Limits ill fit digits, I insist.
Nil, infinity, it is tricky.
I think whilst spilt ink drips.
I sigh, digging in with lips tight.
I find intrinsic inklings within
Hinting I’m limiting it.
Thinking, inklings irk.
I finish, piling my scribblings in mini bins.


Lots of moot log-log plots fool bots.
Topology’s hot - hosts of tools from homology open doors.
Mod two ops for low-cost loops
Tools for droll proofs show strong pros or lots of goofs?
Work’s too wobbly to hold. Oops. Poof.
Good work lost on trolls.


Just crunch sums
Slurm stuck but Ubuntu runs
Hunt: bugs turn up
NULL…nuts! (cuss)
Dumb luck trumps gutsy truth bursts
Push/pull; full Chung-Lu runs
Must numb num crunch.

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